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Last Heaven’s PV 

Please try not to share on other social networks, or the file will be removed very fast. Enjoy! ^^

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Last Heaven’s PV has come and gone and I was sleeping … Someone could download?

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I don’t know if one day find good scans of R&R55, considering it was released a “long time ago”, but I’ll keep looking for ^^

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Do you know if there's already scans from Rock and Read 55?

I still have not found, but I keep looking for, please keep an eye when I find I’ll post here ^^

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Ruki asked to wait a little more for the new the GazettE’s work and I’m already in despair.

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Ruki: I wish they’d quickly release their new album already. #BANKS
Ruki: and we have been concentrating all our effort on our new work, as well. Wait just a little more. 
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Stylish wave 「ILLUSION ‘14 -Manatsu no kyōen」- Hide’s session bandAoi and Reika© reika_d_out

Stylish wave 「ILLUSION ‘14 -Manatsu no kyōen」- Hide’s session band
Aoi and Reika
© reika_d_out

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(c) [x]

(c) [x]

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  • Aoi (twitter bio update): it’s gotten to be the perfect and most fun summer memory! to everyone who gave me the opportunity to be a part of the SW*, i’m deeply moved by your kindness! Let’s have fun again and thanks for the great job! we’re so mean to have kept you waiting this long, we ROCK!!
  • (*「stylish wave ILLUSION’14」)
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sw ILLUSION ‘14 -真夏の狂宴- Hide’s session band

(c) Hoshiko-san

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marikoyukaru replied your post: I’ll look forward to and if I get the…

 it’s already released or it will be? *has no idea*

It’s dated to be launched on September 1st ^^

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  • Reita: hm, lately the weather has been bad all the time.
  • tomorrow it’s end of summer vacation for students, huh. when I was a student, I always thought, the summer vacation should just continue for all my life, too!
  • Do your homework!
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