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I feel nothing anymore.
黒く澄んだ空と残骸と片翅 [Kuroku Sunda Sora to Zangai to Katahane], the GazettE.

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I finished the GazettE’s Singles today. Enjoy it.

Rock and Read #55 [2014] →


Rock and Read #55 [2014] →

Anonymous asked: it's amazing. u'r amazing senpai. thank you <3

OMG.. Thank you XD and you’re welcome ^^

Anonymous asked: yay yay yay it's enough

Hope you like dear anon XD


Anonymous asked: Pleeeeeeease. please please please!!

Hum … A blogroll is enough?

Anonymous asked: Senpai, can you do a follow forever?

EH? S-senpai?
So … No … It’s very laborious and tiring XD

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